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КСК Изумруд, дизайн главного фасада
OAT WREATH, ALPN Ltd wood construction and decorative elements of roof

Equestrian pavilion is a part of the newly created equestrian center. Object is part of the cultural heritage and protected cultural area of the historical ensemble of the Soviet era...

JEWELRY BOX building, concrete construction, perforation metal and landscape design in Greece

The compact and functional volume of the building is a futuristic living cage. Adjusted classical proportions of facades, warm whiteness of stone walls, deep shadows falling from powerful cornices, remind majestic temples, the ruins of which still stand on the land of Ancient Greece... 

Equestrian complex is a part of the large recreational zone. Urban-design structure of complex is determined by terrain of territory through prism of the equestrian technology...

The building has bright facades with bright color spots-frames and is an elegant contrast to the faceless, filled with a grin of industrial buildings. In fact, the object sets a new frame of reference for the urban environment in the reorganized space. Correctness of architectural and town-planning techniques and undertaken modernization of exterior are subordinated to idea of figurative unity of external and internal spaces...

Color Frames, ALPN Ltd facade design, Metal composite panels with polymer coating
Equitorus, architectural project of ALPN Ltd with wooden constuction

The customer of the project is professionally engaged in a horseback riding.


The designers were tasked to create a unique complex that met all the stringent sanitary and technological requirements for the post, the maintenance and preparation of horses for participation in competitions of the highest level. Also the complex must contain the entire infrastructure necessary for the living and recreation of the horse owners in their spare time from training and competition...


Brick Ripples project of ALPN Ltd architectural design

The customer of the project, a Krasnoarmeisk resident on his own, knows the tastes and expectations of citizens very well. He travels frequently and has a view of the current trends of urban development structures of the living space. Project tasks set by the customer is the creation of the living environment, which organically combines the advantages of dense urban low-rise buildings with the proximity to the natural environment...


Office of AlLPN Ltd, interior design, office atmosphere

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