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IDA Design Awards BRONZE WINNER 2020
2020 OPAL AWARD Winner Architectural Design
Muse Design AWARDS 2020 Silver WINNER
A-Design AWARD 2020 Gold
A-Design Award 2021 Silver

     Equestrian complex is a part of the large recreational zone. Urban-design structure of complex is determined by terrain of territory through prism of the equestrian technology. Site is elongated, extended shape. Hence functional division of complex consists of six blocks - stables, arenas and central administrative part that serves as connecting core for all buildings. Due to requirements of technology and logistics, complex structure is similar to crystal lattice of mineral, enlarged by billions of times.

     This coincidence is suggested main design idea – gem that sparkles its facets. Holistic architectural and spatial image of project that unites the whole space and reveals functional identity of each. Multi-functionality of complex is reflected into urban and architecture. Task is to connect large-span glued wooden structures with original and non-repeating design of each of six blocks. As a conclusion creating a unique spectacular image of entire complex, which "plays" with faces like an emerald. Extended wooden facades of main arena and stables directed to central composite core – administrative and technological.

     Six-sided wooden building in planed like a precious emerald rests in golden frame - necklace with maximum use of this material of main load-bearing structures, facade ornament and all decorative elements. Wall triangles decorated with scattering of bright glass fragments. When approaching, it turns into crystal lantern. Curved white wing highlights main entrance. Color scheme is close to natural ones, increased by wooden shades. Emerald-grey pitched roofs echo greenery surrounding emerald forest. Interiors continue the theme of wooden facade structures, adjusting scale of elements which is more proportional to human being. Crystal structure is the main element of interior space, where environment perceived through transparent web.

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