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Extended wooden facades of main arena and stables directed to central composite core – administrative technological block. Six-sided wooden form is like a precious emerald rests in golden framed necklace. This material is mainly used as load-bearing structures, facade ornament and all decorative elements. Wall triangles decorated by bright glass fragments. When approaching, it turns to crystal lantern. Curved white wing highlights the main entrance. The palette is close to natural colors, limited by wooden shades. Emerald-grey pitched roofs echo greenery of surrounding emerald forest. Interiors continue the theme of wooden facade structures. Crystal shape is the main element of both interior and exterior, where transparent web is perceived environmentally. Each element of interior space expresses horse racing and continues the main movement up. Every detail invites to the most dynamic part of the object. The wooden spiral which personifies endless progress, horse whirlwind and movement in our lives.

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