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The building has bright facades with bright color spots-frames and is an elegant contrast to the faceless, filled with a grin of industrial buildings. In fact, the object sets a new frame of reference for the urban environment in the reorganized space. Correctness of architectural and town-planning techniques and undertaken modernization of exterior are subordinated to idea of figurative unity of external and internal spaces.

Main goal of the industrial territory reconstruction is the creation of the administrative building purpose is the creation of a bright object, which is located along main transport highway of city. At the same time - main background of facades of the reconstructed building is chosen deliberately as light as possible, which emphasizes the philosophy of the function of object (building belongs to banking structure), and bright accents-indicate the main directions of structure divisions.

Ventilated façade is based on a system of U-KON. Cassette-type cladding with concealed fastening made of composite material. Composite panels of four shades were used as a facing screen: bright accents in the form of overhead frames of the frame (of different scales)-dark red (RAL 3020), yellow - orange (RAL 1034) and dark gray (RAL 7039) were designed on the light gray background. Color functional accents characterize the author's approach "from General to private".

Number of stores is 6 floors. The size in terms 14х70 m. The height of building is 33.7 m. Plot for construction of 3806 sq. m. Built up area is 1146 sq. m. Total area of the building - 6471 sq. m. Number of employees - 350 people. On the adjacent territory is parking for 80 cars.

On the ground floor there are rooms for rent. On 2-6 floors-office space class "B", including specialized departments, archival zone, warehouse Department, meeting, Call-center, departments, training centers, etc., located on a clear scheme of functional zoning, taking into account the peculiarities of the workflow and communication departments with each other both horizontally (on the floor) and vertically. In attic space and underground level – technical premises for special purposes.

Before proceeding with the design, detailed information on the object and its surroundings was collected and thoroughly studied.  According to the scheme of development and reorganization of production territories of Moscow, this zone, according to functional zoning, is public, administrative appointment. On building zoning is high density, with a height of not more than 35 m; on landscape zoning is built-up area, slightly green.

The result of a trivial task at first glance, the reconstruction of a typical industrial building, was a bright, memorable, unique in its architectural image object that attracts attention and is the focus of one of the largest highways of the city.

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