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«Architectural laboratory of Polina Nozdracheva» has worked out a design-conception and construction of an effigy of Maslenitsa (traditional Russian winter symbolic figure), general plan of holding of the holiday and now ALPN realizes author’s supervision.

Constructive solution

Scarecrow "Carnival" - a wooden structure consisting of three parts: the trunk - a wooden tower, hands - wooden trusses, head - a wooden panel, upholstered plywood.

Wooden tower 12.5 m square in plan with a side of base 6,0 m tower has five tiers of the tower stands 2.5 m from the beam cross section of 150x150 mm, the bottom rail of the bar section of 150x150 mm. Belts and lattice towers of the beam cross section of 50x150 mm. The tower is mounted in two blocks: the lower and upper. To ensure the stability of the towers at the corners of the bottom rail gets a load on concrete blocks FBS 24.4.6, and freezes to the ground by pouring water. 


Belts are provided in the level of overlap of the beams 50x150 mm. The thickness of the flooring 24 mm. With the overlap in the overlap of the wooden stairs are provided: the bowstring - 50x150 mm, the bar - the bar 50x50 mm.

diameter holes for the pins on 2 mm larger than the diameter of the rods. 

nails to hammer in the pre-drilled holes.

hands stuffed "Carnival" made of two wooden trusses. Farms of the beam cross section 50x150 mm. Trusses are installed on the upper tier of the tower. The ends of the studs farms shrink to a size of 500 mm. 

going to head on the wooden frame of the beam cross section 50x150 mm, sheathed with plywood 8 mm thick. 

mounting structures shall be strictly Based on the author's supervision and constructive!


Consumption of basic materials

Bruce 150x150 mm 80.0 lm - 1.8 m3 

Beams 50x150 mm 320.0 lm - 2.4 m3

A bar 50x50 mm 25.0 lm 

Bulletin δ = 24 mm 30.0 m2 

Plywood δ = 8 mm 18 m2 

Studs M20 4.2 MP 

M14 6.0 MP 

M12 42.0 m . § 

Wood and studs without cutting 

Nails 4x100 - 520 pcs. 5.1 kg 

5h150 - 420 pcs. 9.4 kg 

Concrete blocks PBS - 24.4.6 - 4 pcs.

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