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The conditions that determine the organization of a new residential neighborhood, including both stable circumstances, are:


1. nature of planning and spatial organization of the first phase of construction of residential buildings (which is currently projected three 9-storey 6-section of residential houses and a set of 6 ground-level parking lots) and

2. landscaped pedestrian and transport linkages, which passes through the projected area (due to the presence of the axis passing by this area of high-voltage cable line).


Space-planning solution involves placing middle storey complex blocks of houses of different height, and each quarter is a separate semi-enclosed urban education from the general inner foot space, which are combined with each other, creating a continuous landscape-foot structure.

Transport and landscaped pedestrian areas, taken as the main compositional axis of the new residential development, are, in fact, residential streets, which fades into the greenery and landscaped courtyards, where are playgrounds and recreation areas.

Despite a fairly simple layout of houses in the red lines (along which is designed higher residential development - 7-9 storeys), their picturesque character is provided by the differential technique adopted storeys towards inner space and the existing low-rise buildings, which in combination with the proposed landscaping create compositional and pictorial plastic construction of the projected area.

Planning accents are the main hiking guides, which are highlighted in the amount of point-like high-rise residential buildings.

According to the project site located on the multi cell individual residential buildings of varied height.


- Total area of apartments - 285 square meters;


- Built-purpose rooms free area of 3 sq m;


- 2 detached DDU 150 and 170 seats;


- Underground car park at 4244 m / seats.

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