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The customer of the project, a Krasnoarmeisk resident on his own, knows the tastes and expectations of citizens very well. He travels frequently and has a view of the current trends of urban development structures of the living space. Project tasks set by the customer is the creation of the living environment, which organically combines the advantages of dense urban low-rise buildings with the proximity to the natural environment. Total number of apartments have to comply with the current building regulations, while remaining maximum permitted for a given area.

Krasnoarmeysk city was originated in 1834 as a settlement at the newly established spinning mill on the river Vorya. The most of the factory buildings and many residential town houses that have survived till today, low-rise (1-3 floors), are constructed of brick in the typical style of the industrial architecture of the XIX century.
After studying the history of the site it was revealed that from 30's to 70's there was construction of so-called "barrack-like” in this territory, which was a long wooden body of work dormitories. This morphotype was the basis for the development of urban concept.

The gathered information suggested the scale and materials of the future building. The low and austere brick buildings with broken silhouette of the pitched roofs, accentuated dotted chimneys, send us back to harsh industrial romanticism century of the steam engines. The sensation of the patterned brickwork which is a characteristic of the facades of that time, successfully reproduces the straw-yellow brick "ripples" which covers the dark-brown walls of a modern building uniformly. Looking at the building from the river, this same technique evokes memories of bright sunlight on the dark water.

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