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 The territory in the land, which is a municipal program Solnechnogorsk municipal district of Moscow region "Development of built-up areas of the mountains. the village. Povarovo Solnechnogorsk mun. District ", located in the central part. Boundaries of the site from the north - forest land, from the east - forest land in the 50-120 m ROW October MOR direction, from the south - the territory of the industrial zone, south-west - highway "Lozhki-Povarovo-Friday", etc. - Land Company "Field", 100 meters - the territory of treatment facilities. The site is not included in the boundaries of the proposed protected areas of regional significance, not in the area of ​​the planned allocation of capital construction projects of regional significance, is not included within the boundaries of the territories reserved for the construction and renovation of the Moscow region TsKAD. The terrain has a slope gradients in some places 2.0 - 3.0 m, and the north-west - up to 10 m Planning restrictions are: the 50-foot sanitary-protective zone of the industrial area, the sanitary-protective zone of engineering infrastructure (EMG, TA, sewage treatment), 15-meter zone from forest resources (fire break), 100-meter zone of the October Railway. The considered area is 15.0 hectares, including highway - 0.67 hectares. Residential development is 6.54 ha area of common use - 1.37 hectares, other areas - 6.43 hectares. Dwelling houses are placed evenly throughout. In the north-eastern part of the district is located kindergarten. There are other objects of housing and communal purposes, such as garages, TA EMG. There are undeveloped areas - 4.51 hectares, accounting for 30.0% of the planned area. The estimated area of 7.87 hectares (93.2 sq m / person.), Which is characterized by a very low intensity land use. The density of the housing stock is 1900 square meters of total area / ha, which is 2.5 times less than the statutory rates for the use of low-intensity area (4.4 - 5.4 thousand sq. m. Total area / ha). Potential reserve housing development in the district is its douplotnenie due to the development of free areas and the demolition of the old fund.

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