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     Main tasks - landscape features, considered through equestrian technology prism. Site has pronounced slope from forest, located along western border to stream flowing from north to south. Guided by this condition, observing fire and sanitary gaps, urban-planning solution was determined. Two stables converge at small angle to central building that is single volume with Indoor Arena. Integral composite structure create with meridional location of all blocks according to technological standards.

     Main function is sports facility, as the complex designed for active jumping athlete. Location of main buildings is subject to strict technological requirements for maintenance of sports horses, which reflected in architectural and planning structure. Stables extend towards and symmetrical wings flank the front yard. Two stories central block with deep portal under strongly projecting gable roof puts visual emphasis on centripetal movement of sprawled stables and spacious indoor training arena.


      Natural materials used in project. Exterior walls are energy-efficient three-layer line on both sides with ceramic bricks made using traditional technologies based on natural components. Such solution creates a single concept for exterior and interior. Large–span structures of Indoor arena and two stables made from wooden glued frames. Wood used in these structures and in roof nodes is an eco–friendly and renewable material. Concrete uses only for foundation, stairs constructions and overlaps.

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