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     Design determines by landscape features, considered through equestrian technology prism. Complex, spread out on flat hilltop & visible from afar, reminds of classic palace residences. Courtyards system consists of chamber spaces various shapes & purposes. Combination of grandeur & intimacy is main idea-"silver barn" image-utilitarian structure built of precious material with atypical wood colors. Due to requirements of technology & logistics, structure perfectly fits into golden section spiral.

     Complex unites sports, technological, recreational and representative functions. Versatility reflects in planning and architectural ideas. Different in purpose buildings represent single volume that is important for cold climate. Measured wooden rhythms of structures strive to composition center - administrative and household block with gable roofs. Backyard spaces, free from wind, create most convenient technological part, which combines all main internal and external equestrian requirements.


     Main project requirement is environmental friendliness. Such determined choice of main construction material-wood. Combination of traditional material with original design give unique and spectacular image. Task is to connect large-span glued wooden structures with original design of each of eight blocks with maximum use of wooden material of main load-bearing structures, facade ornament and decorative elements. Concrete uses only for foundations and stairs due to fire regulations.

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